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A Ho-Ho Christmas



Hey, miss thang, are you disgusted by heartwarming, magical, heterosexual holiday events that will delight the entire family? If so, you’re not alone. Here’s a chance to delve into your fabulous side by celebrating the birth of Christ in a wig and stilettos. Ho Ho Ho Ho: A Holiday Drag Show, coming to SLO Brew on Dec. 10 at 7 p.m., features celebrity impersonator Gigi Monroe and RuPaul’s Drag Race stars Delta Work (from the upcoming season) and Raven (season one’s first runner-up). Emcee and veteran drag queen Tommi Rose provided New Times with the inside scoop.

NEW TIMES How long does it take to get into character; makeup, clothes, hair, all of that?

TOMMI ROSE I can do it as fast as 30 minutes, but I prefer to have an hour. It takes time, but you master it. I’m in my 35th year of doing this professionally.

NT What can we expect to see in terms of music and costumes?

TR A lot of us design and make our own costumes, or we have them made for us. A lot of my wardrobe I have custom-made overseas. All the sequins and beading are all done by hand.

NT That must get so expensive!

TR This is not a cheap hobby. It’s not for someone who’s faint of heart when it comes to spending money.

NT Are you sticking to Christmas classics?

TR We’re all doing about four or five songs each. We all do one Christmas number, at least. The others are kind of up for grabs. And I do a lot of comedy. I’m out between every single act in a different costume. I’ll be doing 12 to 15 costume changes.

NT How did you get your name?

TR My real name is Tommy. “Rose” came about many years ago in San Diego. We were out partying at a New Year’s Eve show, and one of the guys looked over and said something to somebody and they started giggling. I said, ‘What are you laughing about?’ and my friend Bobby says, ‘You look just like my aunt Rose.’ So for the rest of the night, everybody started calling me Aunt Rose. ‘Tommi Rose’ was just inevitable.

Admission is $20; get tickets at or at the door. Also, Tommi ( says he wants to be your friend.

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