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Art Center Morro Bay's new exhibit showcases sculptures by Larry Le Brane



The Morro Bay Art Association presents Out on a Whim, a new multimedia exhibition highlighting works by local artist Larry Le Brane, which opens on Sept. 17 and is scheduled to run through Nov. 2. Described as imaginative, whimsical, and unique in press materials, the exhibit highlights Le Brane's blending of traditional art media with found objects—such as repurposed shoes and musical instruments.

"My current stiletto creations are suggestive, provocative, curvy forms combined with themes that fulfill flights of footwear fantasies," Le Brane said in a press release, discussing one of his featured shoe sculptures. "It's so fun to watch guests circle around the high heels, trying to figure out, 'What is that, and what was he thinking of?'

"One of my favorite reactions was a young kid who pointed at my shoe sculpture and asked, 'Hey Mom, is that art?'" Le Brane added.

According to the release, Art Center Morro Bay is following proper safety protocols in order for the exhibit to be open to the public. Due to such precautions, no opening reception for the exhibit will be held. The gallery is open Thursday through Monday, from noon to 4 p.m. Admission is free.

Call (805) 772-2504 or visit for more info on Out on a Whim. The venue is located at 835 Main St., Morro Bay. Δ

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