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Book of the Year honors Ana Castillo



Cuesta College's 2019 Book of the Year program celebrates its 11th year with Black Dove, Mama, Mi'jo and Me, a memoir by Mexican-American Chicana author Ana Castillo. The book is a collection of essays that cover pivotal experiences in Castillo's life across three generations. A presentation and book-signing event will take place March 5, 2019, at the CPAC. Tickets go on sale on Feb. 1, 2019.

"Leading up to the March event, cultural activities will take place throughout the county," Program Coordinator Carina Love said in a release. "The events will touch on the book's themes of family, biculturalism, bisexualism, careers in writing, and social injustice."

Details on these events will be announced in the coming months, Love added. Δ

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