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Central Coast astronomer and former NASA scientist pens new activity book for children



Astronomy Activity Book for Kids: 100+ Fun Ways to Learn About Space and Stargazing, written by local astronomer and teacher Aurora Lipper, was released in mid-September. The book was published by Zeitgeist, an imprint of Penguin Random House, and is available to purchase through various outlets, including Amazon.

The book features a variety of puzzles, games, beginner-friendly projects for practical stargazing, and accompanying illustrations by artist Victoria Stebleva. Press materials describe Lipper's new book as "everything any aspiring junior astronomer needs to have fun with independent learning about the night sky."

Among the book's supporters is Fraser Cain, publisher of Universe Today and co-host of Astronomy Cast, who said that he would have "absolutely loved a space and activity book like this" when as a kid. Forrest Mims III, an inductee of Discover magazine's "50 Best Brains in Science," expressed a similar sentiment in press materials.

"The best thing I can say about this superbly crafted book is that I wish it had been available when my three children were growing up," Mims said. "While it's a children's book, parents and teachers will learn as much from its lessons, photographs, and illustrations as the youngsters."

Lipper resides in San Luis Obispo, where she's taught lectures in engineering systems, dynamics, and other subjects at Cal Poly (where she received both her Bachelor's and Master's degrees in mechanical engineering). She's also a former NASA scientist and the founder of Supercharged Science in SLO. For more info on Lipper, visit Δ

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