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GALA Center seeks art submissions for election-themed exhibit



To say that this election season is going off the rails is quite the understatement. It’s a time when up is down and close friends and family quickly become deleted on Facebook for some deep seated ugliness that only the craziness of the 2016 presidential election could bring out.

So yeah, a little peace and harmony, singing “Kumbaya” round the campfire, sounds pretty good right about now. The GALA Center in San Luis Obispo is currently seeking submissions for its election themed group show, with the aspirational title of OMG, We are All in This Together! 

The show welcomes art with a focus on politics, faith, family, and diversity. The exhibit will run from Oct.1 through Nov. 12 (just a few days past Election Day on Nov. 8). 

For more information on display, sizing, and hanging requirements, message [email protected]. Visit for more information on the GALA Center.

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