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SLO County Air Pollution Control District holding first-ever mural contest



People move to SLO for a whole host of reasons, including: the pretty pretty landscape, the nice “folksy” people, the amazing weirdness of Bubblegum Alley, and—of course—the fact that you will never have to wear a suit or pantyhose ever again if you don’t want to (if you do, you’re just weird). However, there is one silent attraction that tops all of these pluses. Fresh air. 

Unless there’s a wildfire, you can bet your air will be pretty much free of pollution, smog, and unwanted chemicals. Not so for our city friends to the North and South. “Fresh air” truly is a precious resource, one worth celebrating. The SLO County Air Pollution Control District agrees—that’s why the entity is putting on its first-ever mural contest. 

The theme: “Community’s Vision of Clean Air.” It’s a rather dry theme, pun intended. However, I doubt you’ll find a local resident who doesn’t like the cause behind it. Any local artist 15 years old and up is welcomed to apply for this contest, which will be judged on three criteria: clarity of theme, creativity of design, and quality of artistic composition. The winning artist’s work will be emblazoned in the APCD Auditorium. Oh, and there’s the $800 cash prize and $200 stipend for supplies. 

When you think about SLO County’s fresh, clean air, what inspires you? Breathe easy and get to work. Apply before Sept. 28. Good luck!

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