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What's it rated? TV-MA

When? 2020

Where's it showing? Netflix

The six-part series [UN]WELL looks at health practices that fall outside of the norm and sometimes into dangerous territories. From the big business of essential oil sales to bee-sting therapy or bodybuilders bulking up via breast milk, this series tackles some of the more bizarre and dangerous ways people are trying to stay well.

Using interviews with believers and critics as well as experts and scholars, the series doesn't focus on whether the practice is either right or wrong, but what the thinking is behind it and what the problematic elements are. What scientific evidence is there to support the claims by ardent supporters of these practices? Typically, not much.

While it is unknown whether or not some of these practices help, what is known is they certainly can hurt. One episode focuses on fasting, specifically long bouts of water-only fasting. A woman who lost her husband after he attended a non-medically supervised fasting clinic—which is still in operation today—recalls her nightmare and the blatant refusal of the center to take any responsibility. This series is a fascinating look at some pretty bizarre lengths people go in hopes of feeling good. (six 45-min. episodes) Δ


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