Best of SLO County 2010 - 24th Annual Readers Poll

The best way to find them, of course, is with a guide. This guide. Avoid pitfalls and snares while searching for quality local restaurants, businesses, and services. New Times’ annual Best Of special publication, assembled with input from readers across San Luis Obispo County, presents the jewels and gems of the Central Coast. Read the directions, follow the paths, and reap your rewards. Fuel your search with Dining Out, light your torch and go out After Hours, let the Arts Scene dazzle you, drop some coins with Burnin’ Money, explore About Town, muscle up and Get Out when you need to, and be sure to keep a Community Watch on what’s going on around you. If you encounter Dana Lossing, a dancer with Civic Ballet, in your travels, be sure to thank her. She’s the intrepid adventurer scouring caves and scaling rock walls throughout this issue. Also, thank anyone you see who helped to make this Best Of come together—and you’re included in that category. Without you, the untold wealth of San Luis Obispo County would go untouched. Bon voyage!

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