Best of SLO County 2011 - 25th Annual Readers Poll

Life in this area is colorful, beautiful, exotic. Luckily, you have New Times’ 25th annual Best field guide. the globe. Dining Out, activities in After Hours, find a dazzling display in Arts Scene, take of Burnin’ Money, the territory in About Town deep into the bush in Get Out heighten your senses with help from Community Watch. A top-notch crew of naturalists compiled this extensive and indispensable document, from field observers—also known as loyal New Times readers and voters—to the counters who tallied and tabulated the data to the design crew whose taxonomic structure framed the publication. As you venture into the geography at the heart of this issue, remember to take only pictures and leave only footprints—unless you’re buying something from a shop, in which case you should take whatever you’re interested in and leave money. Otherwise, it’s shoplifting, a practice on which the society frowns. Happy hunting!

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