Best of SLO County 2013 - 27th Annual Readers Poll

There’s a fine line between being a fan and ending up on the wrong side of a restraining order—especially when the object of your adoration is one of the planet’s great comedic geniuses, a muse to some of the country’s best and most oddball directors, living proof that comebacks can happen at any age, and purveyor of the best deadpan expression any side of the Mississippi. But why do we love the things and people we love? What makes an actor, or coffee shop, or doctor, or salad, the very, very best? With Bill Murray as our muse, we sought the answers to these difficult questions. So to celebrate this Murray Best Of, take a page from Phil Connors, throw caution to the wind, and stuff your face with the finest fare local diners, burger joints, and restaurants have to offer in Dining Out. After all, who knows what tomorrow will bring? Make it Suntory time with an After Hours visit to your favorite café or bar, where adventure—and a strong likelihood of miscommunication on par with a visit to a foreign country—abound. Let Frank Cross take you on an Arts Scene tour of the county’s artistic offerings, but expect a bumpy ride riddled with mysterious guests from past, present, and future. Do some shopping at your favorite local book, music, or flower store in Burnin’ Money. Just make sure Audrey II isn’t lurking in the shadows. Pay a visit About Town to your favorite local professionals, from lawyers to dentists to veterinarians to gopher-removal hacks. Maybe we made that last category up, but nothing says professional quite like a man on a golf course with dynamite. Our Get Out section proves you don’t have to join the army to have an adventure. And keep an eye, and man-portable particle accelerator, on the county’s heroes and villains in Community Watch. So thanks to Bill Murray. And thanks to the readers, voters, ballot counters, photographer, writers, editors, designers, sales reps, models, and—of course—business owners, community volunteers, and other locals who made this happen.

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