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Breezeway Deli and Wine Bar: Crushed Grape transforms with a breeze



If you’ve looked for the signature grapes-on-a-vine logo recently—the one that’s been in the same spot since 1986—and found yourself in a panic because it’s no longer the same, don’t shed a tear just yet. Sure, that tipsy scroll of the Crushed Grape has transformed into a new, Jimmy Buffetesque, palm tree-adorned sign that reads Breezeway Deli and Wine Bar, but not a whole lot has changed. 

Actually, the Crushed Grape has simply relinquished its original location as well as its deli, and relocated. Instead of being behind Bed, Bath, and Beyond, it is now across from the store as solely a gift shop. Business has boomed so much over the years that Gretchen Gonyer, owner of the Crushed Grape, was happy to release some of that responsibility to focus on what she originally set out to do: gourmet gift baskets.

The new Breezeway Deli and Wine Bar is owned by David Cummings, a local who’s been eating at the Crushed Grape since it opened, and has been working in the plaza for 10 years as a manager at Staples, right next door. Cummings has no plans or intentions of changing the deli; he just wanted to add the wine bar. After all, he’s been eating there almost daily for the past 10 years!

When you walk up to the new Breezeway Deli and Wine Bar, there are only a few miniscule changes. The patio is not so claustrophobic, and when you enter, all the familiar faces, with the addition of two new ones, David and his son Jason, are still there to happily greet you.

Cummings also plans to serve Champagne and beer during the extended hours. The deli will keep its current hours, open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. along with the wine bar. And, as soon as regulations clear, the wine bar will stay open Fridays and Saturdays until 8 p.m. A glass of wine will start at $6 for a Tolosa chardonnay, and will go up from there depending on your next pick.

The Breezeway Deli and Wine Bar is appropriately named as it gives off that Jack Johnson, easy living kind of feel, as opposed to the posh “should-I-wear-that-sports-coat?” kind of feel that many of SLO’s wine bars convey.

See? Change isn’t always scary! Check out Breezeway Deli and Wine Bar, located at 319 Madonna Rd No. 2 (behind Bed, Bath, and Beyond) or contact them at 544-4440.


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