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Some people are just born with a pan in their hand and a spatula in their belt. Unfortunately, not all of us are blessed with the gift, or desire, to prepare a mouth-watering meal. The ability to create a five-star meal with grace and effortless perfection is highly sought after by most of us lazy Americans.

I’m guessing that reason alone was to thank for the booking of British celebrity chef, Robert Irvine, host of the Food Network’s Dinner: Impossible and Restaurant: Impossible just to name a few, to show off his cooking skills at the PAC on Wednesday, Jan. 15.

Grooving to his own culinary beat, Irvine will take instructions solely from audience influence. Irvine will attempt any challenge handed to him by the interactive watchers with no prior knowledge of what they have in store for him. But judging by his pretentious act on the tube, he has it all on lockdown.

Apart from making all of America question the cleanliness of every restaurant they ever eat at for the rest of their lives, Irvine is usually the last person to be told what to do. However, he is taking this opportunity to take direction from California’s proudest foodie community.


Along with taking the cooking challenge, attendees will also learn about Irvine’s background including his military adventures, employment with the Royal family, and his life working as a Food Network star.

The amazing thing about this event is that the audience can get firsthand advice and top-grade culinary secrets straight from the no-nonsense chef, which people who are not, let’s say, kitchen material, might benefit from.

Tickets to see Irvine yell for a couple of hours can be purchased at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center Tuesday through Saturday, noon to 6 p.m. and range in cost from $32.60 to $58. Tickets are also can also be purchased by calling 756-4TIX or visiting


Intern Tally Meyers compiled this week’s Bites. Send your food news to [email protected].


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