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Beep beep: Fresh eggs are a simple joy that makes life so much more delicious. Want to start your own backyard chicken adventure? Dare 2 Dream Farm in Los Osos has opened its preorder for baby chicks available for delivery (yes, to your door) between Dec. 15 and 30. Breeds available include Easter eggers, barred Plymouth Rocks, New Hampshire reds, black sexlinks, golden sexlinks, and Rhode Island reds ... UberEATS has launched in San Luis Obispo, so the future is officially here, people. Not only is the service now available to everyone, but UberEATS will also be offering Cal Poly students a special promo code for $5 off their first three orders, good until January 2018. Δ

Hayley Thomas Cain is grateful she has no known food allergies. Send bites to [email protected].

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