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Food to get you through: the health crisis



Whether it’s the common cold or something more serious, there’s nothing more stressful than a body performing at a level below its optimal function.

Being in the throes of a health crisis can make silly ideas like buying a time-share or cliff diving seem like the most rational plans you’ve ever had. The health-crisis brain is a weird and tumultuous place that requires lots of patience and support.

One such way you can help your stress-addled brain is by indulging in food that really isn’t all that indulgent.

In your stress-haze, you might find yourself wandering down fat, sugary, and sinful aisles of the grocery store you never knew existed. It’s an easy temptation to fall into when your brain is screaming, “Distract all the feelings! Do it with the Double Stuf Oreos!”

Do your sick body and confused mind a favor: Trick it. Don’t give into bad food behavior when your body needs you most. Sunshine Health Foods & Shine Café in Morro Bay feels indulgent, but aims to leave you feeling better about yourself after you put down the fork.

The Shine Café menu is full of things that will make you feel a little naughty, but won’t leave the dent a box of Cheez-Its will.

“We want to make every customer feel full and fulfilled,” said café manager Joelle Church.

For a great, cold, afternoon treat, try the Green Dragon smoothie. Served with organic fruits and almond milk, the taste is fresh and refreshing. The ginger and Spirulina will also help out with those pesky stomach issues that can arise from stress. The Green Dragon is $6.50 for a 16-ounce cup.

If you’re in the market for something a little heartier, sink your teeth into Shine Café’s pancakes. Church said it’s their most popular breakfast menu item, and you would never know that the cakes are totally void of gluten. That lack will keep you from feeling weighed down, and will provide you with that pure, good energy to get you through the tough day ahead. One pancake is $4.25, or get two for $8.50.

Shine Café is at 415 Morro Bay Blvd., Morro Bay. For more information, call 771-8344.

Intern Maeva Considine compiled this week’s Bites. We want a Bite! Send your food, wine, and related news to [email protected].

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