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Ho, ho, whoa!


Keep those ugly sweaters coming! Tap It Brewing Co. in SLO wants to see your craziest reindeer getup this Dec. 18! The brewery is offering free shuttles from downtown to the brewery (and back) and a $10 presale ticket includes your first brew. DJ Malik will be spinning eclectic vinyl finds from 7 to 11 p.m., and The Grilled Cheese Incident food truck will be there in all of its cheesy glory, so you’ll have something to sop up all of that festive local beer (go to for tickets and more information) ... Eureka! is celebrating the 2015 holiday season with festive cocktails and $5 Bloody Mary and Mimosas on New Year’s Day. Ooh! And don’t forget to try the Gingerbread Man Old Fashioned while he’s still hanging around.

A delicious year

Unwrap a good-for-you gift: A brand new juice bar is set to open up in downtown SLO! Seeds Juice Company will specialize in acai bowls, parfaits, smoothies, and fresh, cold-pressed juice, of course! The shop, located on Garden Street, is slated for opening this January, so stay tuned … Can you believe it’s already almost the new year? That means the return of everyone’s favorite frugal meal deal, Restaurant Month! Check out a range of prix fix menu options from more than a dozen killer eateries at today and plan your first epic meal of 2016 … Central Coast Brewing Company is expanding in the new year! We can’t spill all the details on this just yet, but residents who live on the south side of town should be rejoicing with a cold one real soon.

’Tis the season

Plug in, drink up! Bella Mundo Café is the new “it” place to hang out with your laptop and a mug this holiday season. If you haven’t yet checked out this beautiful new space on Monterey Street, there is no excuse! They pour a lot of love into each batch of coffee and even make almond milk from scratch, and they hand shave chocolate for mochas and hot chocolates, which are perfect this time of year (974 Monterey St., SLO) … Morro Bay beckons with an all new Rock the Holidays allure through January. Take part in special seaside dinners and enjoy the peace and quiet that the off-season can provide (for more information, go to 

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