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Put some thought into your diet



Choosing the proper path of sustenance need not leave you lost. In beginning your search, you must have an idea of body type. Many cultures, aside from the “one size fits all” mentality of our own, have systems that prescribe different diets for different body types.

From India, there’s the ancient science of healing named Ayurveda. This discipline maintains that all of the physical and chemical activities in our bodies are governed by an intermingling of three doshas. Simply put, they are the air element (Vata), the fire/water element (Pitta), and the water/earth element (Kapha). By discovering which dosha holds most sway over your system, you can prescribe a diet that is more adequately fitted to your unique needs.

Of course, there are thousands of ways to check in with your body. I only use Ayurveda as an example of how we might learn what our specific body needs.

After taking some time to learn about the relationship between food and your body, you can look at what you are eating now and attempt to discern items that may be negatively affecting your livelihood. Trying to phase out that sugary baked good or the multiple high-caffeine drinks typically leads to shouting “Can’t I have this ONE thing?!” or “I need this!”

While that tremor of waking you receive from that tri-shot latte or from that scone may give bring you momentary ease, we all need to understand what acidic-promoting foods are doing to our bodies as a whole.

And this leads to the next phase of our journey. Finding out the history of your meal is a worthy undertaking. Your time won’t be wasted as you sift through such topics as the genetically engineered debate or the argument for buying local. Luckily, we’re situated in a community that has a vibrant farming community and is a hub for sustainable practices.

Finally, the time comes when you have to practice and experiment. Veggies as much as possible—preferably steamed—are a given. However, the big debate arises out of where to get your proteins and carbs. While carbs are ubiquitous in our society, voices are being raised proclaiming that we don’t need them in such massive amounts. Of course, most carb-laden meals are filling and inexpensive—making pasta and the like college faves. But here again, dig deeper, and you may find that a swollen stomach doesn’t always equal providing what your body needs. In fact, conditions such as candida—yeast overgrowth—thrive off of the sugar produced from all the carbs. Not to mention that carbs promote an acidic pH level, allowing for a greater chance of immune system break down.

Good luck on your journey. Remember: It’s lifelong and you’re fighting the good fight.

Intern Jason Keedy compiled this week’s Bites. We want a Bite! Send us your food, wine, and related news at [email protected].

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