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Saunter through the super bloom


Chances are, everyone and your grandma has now posted an amazing wildflower pic on social media. You might think this trend is getting old, but I promise you, these expanses of yellow and purple colored hills are something to behold in person. Even from space, they are truly amazing (Google it). Whether you head out to Shell Creek Road or venture to the Carizzo Plain National Monument, make sure you get out there and immerse your senses in this once-in-a-lifetime super bloom. I mean, just last year we were still in the middle of a massive drought, remember? Thankfully, this past winter and spring have been wetter than ever. Brown has been replaced by lush greenery, and I, for one, am feeling refreshed and energized by the changes I see all around. So, do as I say: Frolic! Prance! Selfie! Just make sure you do get outside and revel in the simple, extraordinary intoxication that is spring break 2017 in California.

Pack a locally inspired picnic

It’s a long drive out to the bloom, so follow these tips: Give yourself a good amount of time so that you can traverse these country roads safely and with a relaxed sense of leisure; bring plenty of bottled water; and pack a sublime snack to enjoy while taking in the unreal colors all around you. A fantastic choice: Stop in Santa Margarita for a sandwich to-go from Ancient Peaks tasting room or The Porch. You can also DIY an easy picnic spread by grabbing a loaf of bread from Back Porch Bakery in SLO, adding a pre-sliced bag of Atascadero-based Alle-Pia Salumi, and picking up a jar of pickled veggies courtesy of Stormy T’s (found at Lincoln Market in SLO). Grab a few napkins and go—no silverware or gas station slop required. Say hi to the cows for me!  

Hayley Thomas Cain always waves to the cows. She can be reached at [email protected].

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