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Savor the Central Coast comes to SLO County



Wine, wine, wine, cheese, wine, sample plates, wine, and more wine. Yes, Sunset Savor the Central Coast is upon us for the third year in a row. Set in the wide open town of Santa Margarita, rain or shine, the humble and the wine snobs alike all gather to celebrate the wine our beautiful Central Coast has to offer.

If you haven’t been to Sunset Savor the Central Coast yet, it’s quite an event.

First, it’s definitely not the event to break out and show off your new pair of shoes, even if you’re going for just one day. Wear your walking shoes.

And second, there’s an overwhelming amount of activities that occur, particularly during the main event. There will be demonstrations and mingling with celebrity chefs, local vintners, and a Farm to Table demonstration stage. There are also different locations for every activity.

With all of this bouncing around, you may want to make yourself an itinerary before heading out there.

And with all of the wine tasting you’ll be partaking in, don’t forget to arrange transportation or a designated driver. There are plenty of options out there.

For starters, there is our local Destination Drivers who will drive your car for you if you are concerned about it being left, but then again, you are in the county of SLO, so no need to fret.

If you’re going in a large group, make it a party, and rent a limo!

Or, there is always the classic transportation option of taking the shuttles that Sunset Savor the Central Coast has designated for the event all weekend long. They make many stops throughout the county and the full list is on the website.

So, to sum it up folks, wear your walking shoes, make an itinerary, and arrange transportation!

Sunset Savor the Central Coast takes place the weekend of Sept. 26 through 29, and all information, including ticket prices, shuttle times and stops, can be found at


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