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Scout's Tangerine Farmers' Market Soda and Halter Ranch's 2015 Rose


Tangerine Dream is a German electronic music group founded in 1967 by Edgar Froese. I am not speaking of this tangerine dream when I talk about Scout’s tangerine dream of a farmers’ market soda (sorry, all you prog rockers out there). The next time you’re parched and have an extra wad of dough, you must try this refreshing just-squeezed all natural mix of tart, sweet fruit, and fizzy sparkling bubbles. I mean, c’mon. If you’re going to throw down $4 on a soda, it better taste pretty damn amazing and look pretty as a picture, too.

Scout's Tangerine Farmers' Market Soda—$4; 1130 Garden St., SLO.

Is it too late to dance around the maypole? Whatever. I’m doing it anyway, and not even the neighbors can’t stop me now. You can bet I will have a spring beverage in hand, and this refreshing rosé foots the bill perfectly. A blend of grenache, picpoul blanc, mourvedre, and syrah, the flavor of this blush pink drink is all strawberry, watermelon, and kiwi flirtatiousness. Spring tip: Break out the melon baller and create some prosciutto-wrapped orbs of delight to pair it with (Alle-Pia Fine Cured Meats in A-town, last week’s Flavor feature, is a good choice). Oh, and don’t forget to dance like no one’s watching. Even though they probably are.

Halter Ranch’s 2015 Rosé$21 per bottle; 8910 Adelaida Road, Paso Robles.

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