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Go nuts: Fans of SLODOCO already know that the eccentric, creative, and delicious doughnut creator opened a second location on Tuesday, March 26, because every other media outlet in the San Luis Obispo County has covered it ad nauseam. But because we aren't haters, I'm here to say that I am very excited about having a SLOCOCO in Atascadero, because there are days when I want a doughnut on my way to work in the morning—and I'm not the only one who's been salivating. The shop at 6917 E. El Camino Real in Colony Square opened to a crowd of fans. The spot will be open from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m. daily. And, they're hiring doughnut slingers for the A-Town location right now (check out for more info) ... Doc Burnstein's must have been in the mood for changes. In addition to offering ice cream delivery, the parlor is announcing more changes in its push to become a national brand and to open 100 neighborhood ice cream parlors throughout California. Michael Boyer, previously the chief operating officer at Digital West, was appointed as the corporation's new CEO while Doc's founder, Greg Steinberger, is now the chairman of the board. Δ

Editor Camillia Lanham likes a side of beef with her wine. Send your nibbles and bites to [email protected].

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