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The Juicery's Deep Green Juice and McCarthy's Bramble



The Juicery’s Deep Green Juice

The doctors who own The Juicery in Paso Robles have a mantra: Food is medicine. I’m all for health, and when medicine tastes this good, I’m all in. The cozy juice shop’s Deep Green offering—comprised of cucumber, kale, parsley, spinach, and whole lemon (zest and all)—is a true tonic for tired bones. Like all of the Juicery’s concoctions, the popular drink sourced from Organic Farms is cold pressed and bottled for easy, grab-and-go convenience. The small retail space off Railroad Road is surprisingly modern inside, with large, refrigerated shelves filled with nutritious salads and colorful wraps. You can even pick up a freshly-prepared bowl filled with your choice of fruit, grains, and antioxidant- and vitamin-rich super foods. Looking for a place to start? Try the Lemon Drop (which tastes a whole lot like lemonade) or, as the friendly manager insisted, the Deep Green, which provided the perfect afternoon kick to my day. It’s a tad sour, very refreshing, and with absolutely zero guilt. Take that, Diet Coke!

• $10 for a 16-ounce glass bottle (return the bottle to get $2 off your next refill); 1335 Railroad St., Paso Robles.

McCarthy’s Bramble

I can hear the peanut gallery now: You’re reviewing a drink from McCarthy’s and it’s not made with Jameson?! How dare I. We all know that Jameson is great (especially with a Sprite back), but there are other fish in the sea. Case in point: McCarthy’s take on a Bramble—which, I admit, is a drink that I had never heard of before. A big thanks to bartender Eric for turning me on to this tart temptation: It’s got lemon, raspberry liqueur, orange bitters, Safire Gin, and a splash of soda. The color is a bit like grape Kool-Aid, which tends to stand out among the sea of pint glasses and Jamo-and-cokes. Here’s to making a splash at my favorite local watering hole. Now I can be supremely overdressed both in attire and drink!

• About $5; 43 Higuera St., San Luis Obispo.

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