Brooke Mattingley

Wine, Waves, and Beyond events coordinator


NEW TIMES What is the Wine, Waves, and Beyond event?

MATTINGLEY We like to describe it as a lifestyle event. It’s basically a big fun party weekend, going from June 2 to June 5. It’s great, because we get people of all ages. We have kids that are 10 coming to the movie premier and people that are 80 coming to the wine events.


NEW TIMES Where do profits go?

MATTINGLEY All proceeds benefit the Association of Amputee Surfers. They have a really integral part in planning the event. They are really involved, getting the surf competition going and just helping organize all of the events.


NEW TIMES Is this an annual event?

MATTINGLEY Yes. This is our second year. We’re going to keep doing it. It was so successful last year, we decided to do all the same events. We had about 700 people at our movie premier event!


NEW TIMES What is your favorite part—the Wine, the Waves, or the Beyond?

MATTINGLEY Well, my favorite event is the Barrel to Barrel event on Friday, just because it’s everything. You get wine, beer, a silent auction, a swimwear fashion show, live music, local art, and you’re out on the cliffs. It’s one of the best events. I think we had about 400 people there last year. It’s really fun.


NEW TIMES What items will be in the silent auction?

MATTINGLEY A lot of wine and a lot of surf stuff. We got a surfboard shaped specially for this event. There are so many restaurant certificates; it’s basically lifestyle stuff, most of which is wine and surf related. We’re auctioning off some trips, too: a trip to a cabin in Yosemite and hotel gift certificates for hotels in the area.

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