Cambria water-surcharge withdrawal likely


Cambria officials will recommend to the Cambria Community Services District that water surcharges on curb usage be dropped.

Officials cite well-supplied wells and an abundance of water in San Simeon Creek.

Water surcharges, which are normally implanted during the summer months and withdrawn again in the winter, have been in place for the last four months, said Tammy Rudock, general manager of the Services District.

Currently, Cambria residents are billed for water by units. One unit is equivalent to 748 gallons. Surcharges are added when residents use 13 or more units per billing period. The amount of the surcharge ranges from 25 percent, to 450 percent if residents use 61 units per billing period.

District officials speculate that recent seismic activity may have changed the area’s subterranean structure, effectively adding water to some of the wells in Cambria.

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