Carpenter appointed to SLO council



Nearly elected retired businessman Dan Carpenter was unanimously appointed to the San Luis Obispo City Council on Dec 21.

The four council members who appointed him cited his experience on city boards as a major reason why they chose him over the other candidate, Patricia Andreen. Another reason was overwhelming support Carpenter had from residents.

“We should listen to the people,” said Kathy Smith, who bested Carpenter by only 229 votes in the November election. The council members said Carpenter’s showing in the election was a large factor in their decision.

Residents who showed up to the meeting overwhelmingly supported Carpenter: 19 spoke in support of him with only two speaking for Andreen.

Local activist Kevin Rice withdrew his application at the meeting and threw his support behind Carpenter.

Carpenter’s support came in a variety of enthusiastic displays, with one speaker calling him “Lincolnian,” another reciting a newly penned Christmas carol praising his political ascension. Others cited his election showing as the single most important reason he should be appointed.

Carpenter will serve the remaining two years of Mayor Jan Marx’s term she gave up when she was elected mayor.

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