Cayucos Pier closed indefinitely following storm damage



The Cayucos pier will be closed until further notice after it was battered by another intense storm.

"I could just cry. ... The end of Cayucos Pier is drooping this morning," Cayucos resident Danna Dysktra-Coy said via Instagram on Feb. 20.

That same day, the San Luis Obispo County Parks and Recreation Department—which manages the pier—announced that the pier's deck and support pilings sustained significant damage and it was no longer safe for people to be on.

"Public access to the pier was closed as a precautionary measure due to high surf warnings and the presence of significant debris in both the water and on Cayucos Beach," SLO County told New Times in an emailed statement. "The safety of residents and visitors is our top priority, and the closure will remain in effect until further notice."

Cayucos resident Phil Kiesewetter said he returned from a trip up north to San Simeon and saw pier pilings and bits of wood strewn across the beach as he drove into town.

"Storm's been real big, I mean anyone can go down to the beach and see how it has been rearranged all over the place," he told New Times. "I mean, heck, people are down there right now after the storm cleared up witnessing Mother Nature's work."

It is not the first time the pier has suffered damage during this storm season. The county's closed the pier periodically since December when high tides slammed against it, making it unsafe for people to stand on.

Most recently, county officials closed the pier on Feb. 9 after noticing damage to a guardrail on the north side of the pier. At the time, officials found that as long as they were able to monitor the guardrail and the pier was closed during storms, it could remain open at other times.

But now, the pier is expected to be closed indefinitely. The county is unsure of exactly what led to the failure—whether it was the tides, rain, or lack of maintenance—and likely won't know for some time.

"Preliminary observations suggest potential damage to the pier as the result of adverse weather conditions. ... An experienced engineer will [have to] conduct a comprehensive evaluation after storm season," the county's statement said. "This evaluation will provide valuable insights into the condition of the pier and inform the necessary steps for repair and restoration."


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