Charter CEO visits SLO amid company layoffs


The cable guy was here, but he’s gone now.

Carl Vogel, CEO of Charter Communications, was in town this week to talk to employees in a town-hall-style meeting. Charter’s employees met with the man at the Madonna Inn.

This week Vogel also sent employees an e-mail reminding them that they are expected to “adhere to the highest standards of ethical and legal behavior.� The memo also explained Charter’s recent resolutions and settlements with the Securities and Exchange Commission after allegations of illegal behavior.

Charter’s local general manager and vice president Ed Merrill said Vogel’s visit did not signal any bad news, despite reports New Times has received of local layoffs.

“Basically Carl makes it a point to get out to all of the systems and get out in front of as many employees of Charter Communications as possible,� he said.

“We just completed our rebuild of the North County,� Merrill continued. “So we’ve got to go back in and take a look at it; do we have the right people in the right positions going forward?�

Charter employs about 100 workers and 50 subcontractors in San Luis Obispo County.

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