Christi Rivera

Honeymoon Café owner


New Times: How long have you owned Honeymoon Café in Pismo Beach?
Rivera: One year and four months. Not too bad, have a good local clientele base. I am the fourth owner.

New Times: What made you decide to open another one in SLO?
Rivera: Russ Thomas, my business partner, approached me and he has a catering business and needed a storefront. This place came along and it was too good to be true, so we jumped on it immediately and ran with it.

New Times: Where will the Honeymoon Café in SLO be located?
Rivera: We will be opening March 18 at 1074 Higuera st.

New Times: What is the history with the Pismo location?
Rivera: The original people that owned it stopped there when it was a gas station when they had a flat tire on their honeymoon and bought it and decided to stay.

New Times: Are you worried about opening another restaurant in the current economy?
Rivera: Not really. I feel like people still want to enjoy a meal out once in a while and our prices are reasonable and match what people can afford. I haven’t had any problems in Pismo. I think that the higher-priced restaurants are feeling it more so than our price range.

New Times
: What about expanding are you looking forward to the most?
Rivera: I’m just excited that I can provide people with a nice setting, good local organic food at a good price.

New Times
: Will the menu be the same as the Pismo Beach restaurant?
Rivera: There will be some of the core items. But there will be changes as well because I have a full kitchen over here.

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