Christian Lander,

creator of the blog, and author of Stuff White People Like: The Definitive Guide to the Unique Taste of Millions


NEW TIMES: What inspired to create the website

CHRISTIAN LANDER: I had an IM conversation with my friend Myles about the T.V. show The Wire. We started asking ourselves what white people were doing instead of watching The Wire and we came up with ideas like getting divorced, going to plays, therapy. I thought it was funny and started a blog.

NEW TIMES: Do white people ever get terribly offended by this site (I know they must, "being offended" is listed as one of the top things white people like)?

CHRISTIAN LANDER: Actually it's a more rare occurrence than you would expect. But of course, people get offended. For the most part, they are offended at the idea of stereotypes or like to say, "what if I did a site called Stuff Black People Like, see, that's racist." Though Stuff Educated Black People like is actually doing quite well as a site.

NEW TIMES: What is your favorite thing that white people like?

CHRISTIAN LANDER: Bicycles. That's easy.

NEW TIMES: How long did it take to compile a book's worth of these white idiosyncrasies?

CHRISTIAN LANDER: My whole life.

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