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Cougars and Mustangs



In the wonderful world of overly-extended Easter metaphor, Cuesta is the good child who gave up eating Spring Breaks for Lent and then woke up that jolly Easter morning to a fresh one in a pretty little basket filled with a hemorrhage of plastic grass.

I’m not entirely sure what that makes Cal Poly, but I think it labels San Luis Obispo High School as the clever kid who managed to sneak a fix in right toward the end without anyone noticing, and therefore still got the extra treat. This is, of course, just a delightfully garish way of explaining the muddled sequence of Spring Breaks that California’s various school systems have chosen to employ this year. In other, less entertaining words, Cuesta is finally getting some time off.

So what to do with this wonderful week you’ve earned, Cougars? Why not go out? Every Thursday night at 8 p.m. the Cal Poly Jazz Combo plays at Linnaea’s Café for free. Cal Poly’s talented music department (what is it with schools situated in SLO having good music departments?) will entertain you for free, and you’ll wink and point at your Cuesta attire to poke fun at their not being on break anymore. For reference, Linnaea’s is at 1110 Garden St., SLO.

Maybe music of the literary sort is more your cup of … coffee. On the first Saturday of every month, the Nautical Bean on Los Osos Valley Road offers poetry readings. This April 7, for example, Michael McLaughlin and Ray Clark Dickson will be featured, followed by an open mic for other poets. If you do participate, be sure to say something really saucy about the government or your insurance agency. If you word it properly, you can pretend the authorities misheard you. I mean, if Winston Smith had been more hip, he could have just elaborated: “Yeah, I’m DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER.” Oh well.

You could also catch up on your assignments … *awkward cough* … or check our lovely events calendar for more options. Just have fun, Cougars, and get that sleep every student needs!

And keep on, you back-in-class Mustangs. Keep on.

Intern Chris White-Sanborn has been known to start pointless rebellions. Send security guards to [email protected].

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