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Ah, I see you have not yet had your fill of the terror our beloved Central Coast has to offer. Fear not, or rather fear greatly, for I’ve a great deal more to chill you with. How would you feel were I to inform you of a sinister plot by the Cal Poly MultiCultural Center to host, on the 18th of this very month, from the witching hours of 11:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., an extravagant display of the cultural diversity that Cal Poly and the city of San Luis Obispo itself have to offer?

Would you dare bring your children to an area designated for them, with such horrors as a petting zoo, arts and crafts, and a house that bounces?! Live music, food, cultural performances, exhibits assembled by your Mustang peers ... oh, dear readers, such dark work. Take it from me, my sources have informed me that the ultimate goal of this so-called CultureFest is to take your very head and split it op—wait, no, the goal is open-mindedness. Hmm.


So what you’re telling me is, there’s a free event filled with entertainment as well as education about different lives and societies both around the world and even snuggled here within this very town, ripe for a grand day out? That in honor of this celebration of cultural diversity, Cal Poly Arts is offering tickets, discounted to $10, for Cirque Zuma Zuma, an African Cirque du Soleil performing the day before at the Cal Poly Performing Arts Center (Friday, Oct. 17, to apply the discount online don’t forget the discount code Culturefest)? Well, that sounds like a pretty sweet deal to me!

So was this a trick or a treat? Why not both? San Luis Obispo has a rich history to it, which explains housing prices. Its name is Spanish, even though the Tournament of Roses Parade hosts usually pronounce it as though it were French, as it is founded around a California Mission. We get into very serious debates about which chain stores to replace our Chinatown with. We should be very proud!

But the Cal Poly MultiCultural Center should be more proud. Helping raise awareness about the needs and lives of student minorities is important, broadening horizons and helping aid said students. Being freshly out in the world of college, where school schedules can vary wildly from person to person, new concepts and experiences are in great abundance. But take it from me, sometimes the aspects of the experience you’ve been familiar with for years are extremely new and intimidating to someone else. It’s a lot harder to stay mad when you understand where a person is coming from.


Intern Chris White-Sanborn is in his socks because the person in charge of the bounce house said that’s the rules. Send your collegiate news to [email protected].

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