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If there's one thing college students are good at doing, it's procrastinating. It's a hobby basically every student learns, and, like all hobbies, it can draw disapproving glances from family members who just don't get it. Well, since the holidays are creeping up closer than you think, I'm here to help you appear like a good upstanding student, if only for about a month. After all, I'm hardly one to talk, right? So get ready to feel accomplished!

First thing: When the horror that is Thanksgiving rolls around, I can assure you that your estranged family members are going to begin talking about politics. Whether all in agreement in a topic (except for secretly you) or everyone having dangerously differing views, I am willing to bet someone's going to start barking at you to go support such and such and then get horribly offended when you didn't even support anyone. So just stop waiting to do this, alright? The deadline to register to vote is Oct. 22, and that's within this next week. At this point, it's pretty fair to say that you'd best fill out the form online, because heaven forbid you try and rush this sort of mail. I think it's safe to say you're all pretty much at least 18 right now, so go ahead and hop onto if you haven't already and be ready to enter the appalling world of politics. Uncle Berta wants you involved in the discussion, and Aunt Bob's going to force you to be in it despite any protests you have.

Now what about the ever-present contest of bragging about accomplishments and irons in the fire? Oh, look at Judy's new engagement ring! Oh, he's got his masters now! Oh, Hilda can speak three words! Well, what about that novel you've always told yourself you're going to write? It was cute at first, but now no one really believes you—not even yourself! Well, stop this nonsense and try the NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) challenge! By visiting, you can sign up for an appropriately billed "Thirty days and nights of literary abandon!" The idea here is very simple. By working at it for a little while every chance you get, and throwing yourself headfirst into the project, without pausing for that great idea to hit you or for editing purposes, you can shell out a rough draft of 50,000 or more words. If you do, you get immense bragging rights and a gigantic leap toward that literary dream of yours. There are forums, tools, programs, and more to help you get through it—and it's a heck of a lot of fun! More importantly, when that third cousin of yours who always finds ways to get in your personal space announces he'll be staying for an extra week, you have an extremely valid excuse to get away from him for a little while every day. Now get out there! ∆

Intern Chris White-Sanborn's 12-Step Procrastination Program is now available in stores everywhere. He'll send you your copy eventually. Send collegiate news to [email protected].

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