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Shirley Kerr of Some-Unspecified-Part-of-the-Central-Coast writes (in regards to ASCC Card Benefits):

"Where in the heck do you find out which places of business offer student discounts? So far the Internet has been no help whatsoever. These would be the places I would frequent even if I was not a student, which I am not though my daughter is. Please help us. Sincerely, Shirley Kerr.”

Well, Shirley, I'm glad you asked! It has come to my attention that many Cuesta students, including friends of mine, decide not to pay the $10 for an ASCC ID card as they think they won't be using any of its benefits often enough for it to matter. But, as with your situation, I don't think they're aware of how many benefits they could theoretically be getting!

Now, there are two ways to find out—assuming you aren't going to try going door to door at every business in SLO. The first is by visiting In addition to there being a nice list laid out for you, a drop down menu can take you immediately where you’d like to go, whether it be cheaper entertainment options or discounted meals.

While you're there, I'd recommend clicking a link on the righthand side, which will allow you to “Like” ASCC's Facebook page. That way your daughter can hear about the myriad Social Club events throughout the semester, many of which offer free food with an ID card. In addition, it may provide more information on some of the discounts themselves—for example, a recent post related to an offer for 15 minutes of free legal counseling provided to current ID holders. The same opportunity applies to ASCC's Twitter account (@ascc_cuesta) if that social media platform is more preferable to you.

However, though we live in an electronic age, not all of us have access to the Internet at all times—especially not when we might be out on the town, which is when we'd most need those discounts in the first place. Because of this, my most important advice for anyone interested in card benefits would be to visit the ASCC Social Club in person, where convenient printed booklets of ID Card Discounts are readily available to pick up and keep in one's purse. In addition, this trek encourages students to get a peep inside the Social Club itself—where the pool table, couches, Xbox, computers, massage chairs, and more could prove a great new hangout for said students and their friends. My main desire is to see Cougie play Halo 3 with Gil Stork, but I have just as strong a desire to see students blow off steam from midterms and big workloads by kicking back in a nice relaxing atmosphere. (FYI, the Social Club is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Mondays through Thursdays, and is closed on Fridays).

Thanks for the question, Shirley—hope it helps!

Intern Chris White-Sanborn doesn't diss counting, but he certainly doesn't like it enough to change his major. Once you've stopped rolling your eyes at that one, send your collegiate news—and even questions, if you'd like!—to [email protected].

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