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Summer is here! It’s time to not forget that even though you’ve broken loose of school, you still need to behave with proper etiquette, people! Fair treatment of our fellow man, our bodies, and ourselves, should be a year round thing. I’ve got some tips for you as you get ready to celebrate the end of one thing and the beginning of another.

Let us begin, dear readers, with a hard-earned school event. A collegiate extravaganza: Cal Poly’s commencement! You may believe that air horns are the only way to make your favorite graduating student hear your cheering, but this is a grave mistake. You’ll be inflicting pain upon those others seated near, and more folks than you may realize are sensitive in ear. Myself a witness, air horns make some people need to leave, and complaints will make security retrieve those noisy instruments. 

Now on to your body: Slather up with sunscreen when you hit the outside world, or you will absolutely regret it. You aren’t appealing when you’re a-peeling and your back is sore, and exercise should be a blast instead of a solar war. 

But this is all beside the point. You’ve made it through all those classes, and the question now is: Will you be proud of what you’ve done? It’s easy to hate on yourself for obtaining less than A’s on tests, but look at every almost-A as your next goal to best. Try summer school! Well, only if you want to. 

At Cuesta, courses start July 13, and further education is a fitting thing for those sunny free months between spring and fall quarters. Hey, if you’re staying for this time, it’s cheaper than Cal Poly, so you can save an extra dime! 

And as for fall courses, well, June 10 allows Cuesta-goers to sign up for college courses—don’t have a cow, it doesn’t mean your summer’s over just as soon as it begins. Classes begin on Aug. 15, but registering too late is definitely a sin, and students could lose any opening they need for required classes to stay on track. So give your counselors a visit now, and don’t hold back! 

Contributor Lola White-Sanborn feels the burn! On her back! It hurts! Send her your collegiate news via [email protected].

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