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Terrible news, everyone. This is the worst tragedy of our time. Jack has been blown to smithereens—wait, that’s not right. Apparently, spring break doesn’t last forever. I know: I want to cry about this, too! But the sooner that spring break ends, the sooner that summer break begins! Until then, your good pal Lola here at Cougars and Mustangs will have plenty to babble about to help ya make it through the term in one piece. Since the future is rapidly approaching, now is probably the best time to do some thinkin’ about how you wish to spend it. Well, Cougars, do I have some news for you!

On April 26, the 2016 Cuesta Job Fair will be here, filled to the brim with opportunities to meet business people and do business things. For example, if you dress professionally and have your resumes equipped, you might very well get the chance to leave a very good impression on your future employer! This is all going down from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in Room 5401. That’s a few weeks away, though, so why do I bring it up now? 

Well, do you actually have that resume ready? I thought not. Resume writing is a stressful, tricky process, and there’s no need to feel bad for struggling with it. But it’s an extremely important step to take to make sure you can get the best access possible to all manner of job possibilities. As a student, there may be some inevitable procrastination, so set phone alarms to ensure that at the very least, said procrastination doesn’t metamorphose into true forgetfulness. 

Cuesta is doing all it can to suggest advice to those who are trying to get jobs. If necessary, give Cuesta College Career Connections a call for some advice at 546-3252, or email them at [email protected]. They also set up lots of workshops throughout the year to aid their students. So, grab that jar of peanut butter, put the spoon to your mouth, and begin thinking about all the wonderful accomplishments that you have made. Then funnel this bragging into a very official document, put on your Sunday Clothes (there’s lots of world out there), and get ready to knock ’em out of the park with how incredible you are. And if anyone says otherwise, remember that New Times probably has the dirt on what they did last summer anyway. 

Contributor Lola White-Sanborn will probably be working for one of you some day. Remember who gave you that great advice and promote her when you do! And, of course, until then, send her your collegiate news via [email protected]!

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