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Cougars and Mustangs

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Beloved Cuesta College students, only two weeks remain until your classes begin. If you have not already signed up for your classes, please do so now! But as we get closer and closer to the beginning of the year, it becomes important to prepare oneself for the fact that things could end up getting a little crazy this semester in particular! To begin with, election season will reach its climax toward the end of the semester. This means that any tensions already felt between differing opinions are going to rise from a spark to a wildfire. It is more important than ever to remember to think carefully about what each discussion is truly about because, while many may be broad, there are plenty that will focus on singular issues. Being respectful of your fellow thinkers is paramount to ensure that friendships remain intact. Be smart and be kind. You don't have to prove yourself to other people.

Next, on the same subject of being polite, Pokémon Go turf wars around the campus are undoubtedly bound to ensue ... but if you are wise, only in game. This will be the first non-summer semester the app will have been released for. The app is a lot of fun and can encourage excellent cooperative and light competitive play, along with highlighting many of the wonders around not only the campus but any area where you live. But even if your team is about to lose your hold on a gym, you still have a responsibility to get to class on time. Even if Porygon shows up outside the cafeteria, you've gotta watch where you're walking and not run into anybody.

Finally, if this is your first semester at the campus at all, let us begin by welcoming you wholeheartedly. This column is a weekly tribute to the collegiate scene San Luis Obispo is so proud to harbor. If you ever need some advice on where to unwind, some good collegiate news, or even just a laugh, this column will be here for you. So as you find your various clubs and other organizations on campus, be sure to utilize [email protected] to let your peers in on the great experiences their campuses have to offer.

Contributor Lola White-Sanborn caught a cold once. It didn't help her take over a gym, though. Send her your collegiate news via [email protected].

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