CSD set to start on sewer


The Los Osos CSD announced late Friday afternoon that they had at last completed the permitting process and had received final approval from the California Coastal Commission to proceed with construction on the long-awaited, much-hated, overly debated downtown sewer project.

The Coastal Development Permit was issued Friday, Aug. 19, and with the agreement on the State Revolving Fund completed, the District is ready to clear the property of trees and begin excavating for construction. The first dispersal of the $134.7 million state loan is expected this week, in the amount of roughly $6 million.

Minority CSD Director Julie Tacker was less optimistic about progress at the contentious Tri-W site.

"I have yet to see a construction schedule, and have asked for one," she said.

Objectors to the downtown sewer project demand that the CSD wait until the Sept. 27 recall election before launching construction or felling trees.

Expressing her determination to undermine the downtown wastewater facility, Tacker added, "If we can start [construction], we can stop. And we will."


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