Dorothy Segovia Be Well Center life coach

8810 Morro Road, Atascadero


NEW TIMES: What services does the Be Well Center offer?

SEGOVIA: We provide a holistic health approach that offers healing for the mind, body, and spirit. We want to allow people to regain their natural state of well-being by providing an area where you can heal and become whole in all aspects of your life. Our certified staff has been providing healing practices for the Central Coast now for two years this October. We have a wide variety of different workshops to help provide the best healing possible, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional.

NEW TIMES: You’ll be starting a Dream Workshop program soon; can you describe that?

SEGOVIA: Dream Workshop was developed by Hal and Sidra Stone, PhDs, in order to teach people to use collage, movement, and journaling to interpret one’s dreams. It helps you to decipher and understand the characters in your dreams and how they relate to you and your psyche and what your dreams might be telling you in terms of your daily life.

NEW TIMES: Do you offer any other services?

SEGOVIA: We offer a wide variety of services such as homeopathy, massage therapy, healing sessions, life coaching, angel therapy, and biofeedback. One of our popular classes, the Hot Yoga, provides a great workout where our studio is heated to 105 degrees and incorporates 26 to 28 different postures and positions for 90 minutes. Our modern studio has purified air and odorless floors and gives the practitioners a great place to sweat out the toxins from their bodies. If you’d like to know more about our classes and when they are scheduled, please visit our website at—or if you can’t make it to the scheduled classes, feel free to contact us so we can provide private lessons for you and your friends that would be better fitting for your lifestyle.

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