Farmhouse Motel in Paso sued for bedbugs



A guest of the Farmhouse Motel in Paso Robles claims that motel management knew there were bedbugs in the room they assigned her and did nothing about it.

A complaint filed on July 22 against the Farmhouse Motel and its owner, Kevin Lee, alleges the hotel knew it had a bedbug infestation, which resulted in Lisa Vergara's multiple bedbug bites.

According to the lawsuit, Vergara checked in to the motel on July 21, 2017, and was assigned to room 22.

On July 30, 2017, she discovered 65 bedbug bites on her body, all in a trail-type formation, and began to experience severe itching, the lawsuit claims. In the suit, Vergara said she remembered seeing two bugs in the motel bed but had assumed they were cockroaches.

She checked out of the motel on Aug. 1, 2017, and notified the manager about her bedbug bites. The lawsuit alleges that the manager just laughed in response. After her stay, the lawsuit states, Vergara spent many evenings washing and steaming her luggage and clothing so that she would not risk spreading the infestation.

On Aug. 3, 2017, she sought medical treatment, was diagnosed with bedbug bites, and prescribed antibiotics the lawsuit claims. Due to the extensiveness of the bedbug bites and the constant itching and pain, Vergara sought further medical attention. She still has physical scarring on her body, the lawsuit states, and she suffers from emotional scarring as a result of the bites.

According to the lawsuit, as a result of the incident, she incurred various expenses, including medical costs, the cost of the motel room, and the replacement cost of her luggage, clothing, and other belongings exposed to the infestation at the motel.

New Times reached out to Farmhouse Motel, which declined to comment. Δ

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