Firefighters get Homeland Security grants


On Nov. 1, the same day that they announced the close of the 2004 fire season, three San Luis Obispo County fire departments recently announced that they’d received about $800,000 in grant money from the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.

All three plan on using the money for various types of equipment.

CDF/County Fire, which received about $416,000, will buy 450 sets of protective firefighting clothes and fire shelters, 50 practice fire shelters, 14 vehicle exhaust systems, and 19 washing machines.

Atascadero’s fire department will spend its $264,000 check on communications equipment while the Grover Beach Fire Department, which got $147,000, will buy 21 new breathing apparatuses, air packs, masks, and air tanks.

Now that the fire season is over, burning is now allowed in designated areas. However, CDF/County Fire officials want to remind people to contact their local fire department or the Air Pollution Control District for burning guidelines.

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