Full slate of women elected in Atascadero



On the evening of Nov. 6, Atascadero City Council candidate Susan Funk was at Kochi Korean BBQ. Around 8 p.m. the first vote-by-mail ballot numbers were released, and Funk announced the preliminary results—she was in second with 34 percent of the votes. The five crowded tables in the restaurant erupted in cheers and applause.

She told New Times this was a victory for a whole group of people and the last canvassing effort and phone calls leading up to the evening were very important.

"I told people, door after door, that I stepped up to run for City Council because I thought it was important that everybody in this community have a voice in the decisions that shape our future, and I intend to deliver on that," Funk said.

She is one of three women who will step onto the City Council dais in 2019, according to unofficial vote totals. City Council candidate Heather Newsom, a current Atascadero Parks and Recreation commissioner, was also elected to the City Council, according to unofficial vote totals.

Heather Moreno, who ran unopposed for the position of Atascadero mayor, will become the city's second elected mayor. Tom O'Malley was the first, elected in 2002 to the City Council and serving as mayor starting in 2006.

Moreno is the founder and operator of Weight Breakthrough, a health and wellness consulting firm that she operates out of her home in Atascadero.

Vote totals on Nov. 7 showed that Paso Robles re-elected incumbent Steven Martin as its mayor for a third time, and incumbent John Hamon and newcomer Maria Garcia were elected to the two open seats on the City Council. The San Miguel Community Services District will have Hector Palafox and Ashley Sangster as its newest board members.

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