Georgia Brown parents request to delay transfer of schools



Paso Robles' parents and community members made yet another plea to halt the transfer of Glen Speck Elementary School students and staff from the 24th Street campus to the 17th Street campus at the Dec. 13 meeting.

Citing safety and financial concerns, 17 parents signed a formal request that new board members reevaluate the "double move" plan that was outlined and discussed in early 2022.

"It is our opinion that the election results clearly indicate the public's displeasure with the board's conduct on this and other matters," the request said. "Sadly many of those directly affected with this decision were left with little to no recourse until now."

DELAYED TRANSFER Georgia Brown parents made a formal request to delay the transfer of Glen Speck students to the 24th Street campus at a Dec. 13 school board meeting. - PHOTO COURTESY OF THE PASO ROBLES JOINT UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT
  • Photo Courtesy Of The Paso Robles Joint Unified School District
  • DELAYED TRANSFER Georgia Brown parents made a formal request to delay the transfer of Glen Speck students to the 24th Street campus at a Dec. 13 school board meeting.

A decision made during the Feb. 8 board meeting has Georgia Brown Elementary School students move twice—once to a temporary campus while the 36th Street school site is remodeled, and again to the 17th Street school site once construction on the 36th Street campus is finished. Once renovation at the 36th Street school site is complete, Glen Speck and Georgia Brown will switch schools, where Glen Speck will move from 17th Street to the smaller, renovated 36th Street campus and Georgia Brown will take over the new 17th Street campus.

Georgia Brown parents contested the decision at the March 22 meeting with a petition that garnered 300 signatures. According to previous New Times reporting, many Georgia Brown parents felt that the temporary site would not have enough space to accommodate Georgia Brown's larger student population, and wanted Georgia Brown students to immediately occupy the 17th Street campus as opposed to going to the temporary campus. But the board stuck with their original decision, voting 5-2 to allow Glen Speck students to leave portable classrooms behind for good.

Eight months later, Georgia Brown parents petitioned the board again—one week before Glen Speck students and staff were set to move into the new 17th Street campus for the upcoming semester.

Glen Speck teacher Terri Pearl spoke at the Dec. 13 meeting, expressing frustration over a decision that has been fiercely contested over the past year.

"We've packed boxes; we've decorated our room. [Another teacher] and I have already spent $2,000 on our classroom, because we want to make this something these kids are proud to go to after four years on a temporary campus, with no water, with conditions we took on and we took the challenge and we made it better. We paved the way," Pearl said. "This was the original plan, with Measure M, that we would go first and our campus would be rebuilt, Georgia Brown would go there next, their campus would be rebuilt. The temporary campus was built to accommodate both populations. Are there safety concerns? Yes. I'm confident in staff at Georgia Brown, I know they're going to embrace it just like we did. We took the challenge and we faced it, and I know that Georgia Brown staff and parents and families can embrace it too."

Due to time constraints, the board chose to table the discussion until the next meeting, which will take place on Jan. 10. Δ


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