Giovanni Degarimore, Owner

Giovanni's Fish Market, 1001 Front Street, Morro Bay


NEW TIMES: What fish do you catch?

DEGARIMORE: Locally we catch rock cod, which is also known as red snapper. Another local fish is the black cod also known as sable fish. We have a great assortment of local crabs that we catch frequently, and fresh halibut around this time of year.


NEW TIMES: What do you usually catch?

DEGARIMORE: Again, the red snapper and sable fish are fairly common as well as the halibut and sea bass. However, we try to highlight whatever kind of fish and seafood that we catch the day we receive them. The key is that they’re local, sustainable, and fresh. For example, we’ve been highlighting our red snapper because we’re getting a lot of those.


NEW TIMES: What other seafood do you sell?

DEGARIMORE: We offer diver scallops, abalone, Mexican prawns, lobster, and sushi-grade roe and caviar, just to name a few. We have a huge selection to choose from at our store in Morro Bay, and we also provide home delivery anywhere in California. Check out our website for the daily catch:

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