If the holidays were cocoa, this guide would be the marshmallows.

November. December. January. The big three.



The procession of holiday activities starts with turkey preparations and doesn't stop until the clock strikes midnight for the first time in the new year--and even then, there's all that cleanup.

But before the panic of party planning, home-cooked meals, visiting relatives, last-minute shopping, big bills, and massive headaches sets in, New Times invites you to settle into a comfortable chair, breathe out any thoughts of stress, and get ready to enjoy the holidays. We mean really enjoy them.

Our Holiday Guide is designed to help you plan and prepare, entertain and be entertained. The Central Coast is an amazing place to live all year long, but we've found that the coming season adds even more of a sparkle to the area.

Join New Times in taking the time to appreciate peace on Earth and goodwill toward men with this, our inaugural Holiday Guide.

Ryan Miller


P.S. The Holiday Guide is now available to view. Click the link below to go there now....

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