Jane Pomeroy

crisis services specialist, Sexual Assault Recovery and Prevention Center


NEW TIMES: Why did you choose this job?

POMEROY: Though I chose this job, in a sense, to feel proud giving back to and educating our community about an issue I feel passionately about, what I have learned is that it’s not about me. I, along with the people in this organization, chose to work here for our clients, first and foremost, and because we believe things can and will change.


NEW TIMES: On an everyday basis, how do you feel you are affecting the world?

POMEROY: I feel I am contributing to a massive body of collaborating nonprofit, governmental, and medical organizations, all working in reaction to and against sexual assault on a macro level. On an individual level, I feel we are instilling a sense of empowerment and hope in survivors by helping them understand they are people of value, that what happened to them can happen to anyone and is not their fault, no matter what the media or mainstream myth-makers may be saying. The only effective prevention technique is for potential perpetrators to prevent themselves from committing assault!


NEW TIMES: What do you think people should know about the SARP center that they may not know?

POMEROY: The SARP Center is a neutral, safe place where survivors and their family and loved ones can come to heal, with no obligation or encouragement to report or continue receiving services. We want our clients to heal in their own way, to take back control and make their own decisions.

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