Jud Clark, Head Coach Puma Swim Team

SLO, Paso, Atascadero, Arroyo Grande 709-SWIM


NEW TIMES: How would one join the Puma Swim Team?

CLARK: All a swimmer needs to do is perform a freestyle backstroke one full length of the pool, so 50 meters total. After that we have a small membership file to fill out online. We give the swimmer a ten-day trial to see if they enjoy our establishment. The only requirement we have for our members is to come to practice with a smile.


NEW TIMES: What plans do you have for summer meets?

CLARK: During the summer we’ll be joining many other swim teams throughout California. There are many tournaments and competitions for swimmers to join, and we’ll be busy with some of those ourselves.


NEW TIMES: Do you compete at a state or national level?

CLARK: We have swimmers who compete at all ages at all levels. We compete locally around San Luis Obispo County as well as against southern California teams; however, we also have some of our swimmers compete at a national level. Just last September, one of our members competed in his fourth national competition at the 2009 Deaf Olympics.


NEW TIMES: Do you cater to anyone who wants to take a dip in the pool?

CLARK: We want to provide people a healthy environment for swimming. We are very goal-oriented and we encourage all of our members to apply their goals from swimming to everyday life. Our motto is “Stronger with every stroke.” ∆

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