Mark Buchman - Chair of SLO County Democratic Party


NEW TIMES: Have you ever done a “terrorist fist bump”?

Buchman: I can’t say that I have. When I was growing up it was the high-five, but in today’s political climate you can assign characteristics to anything.

NEW TIMES: In one sentence, who is a Democrat in 2008?

BUCHMAN: A Democrat in 2008 is someone who believes every American has the right to a quality life, education, and health care. And that if they wear glasses, it’s because they have a prescription and aren’t wearing them for looks.

NEW TIMES: What’s on the top of the agenda for the Democrats in 2008?

BUCHMAN: Well, health care and education should be at the top of the agenda, but our economy dictates otherwise.

NEW TIMES: What in the 2008 presidential race has made you laugh? What has made you cry?

BUCHMAN: It’s funny, because the same things during this race have made me both laugh and cry. I laughed when the Republicans nominated Sarah Palin for vice president, because it’s funny that a campaign which has based itself on the inexperience of the other candidate would nominate someone with little political experience. In terms of crying, I do my share of that over our economy.

NEW TIMES: What do you feel gives the Democrats an edge in 2008?

WHITE: I feel the Democrats have an edge based on the experience of having had a Republican White House for the past eight years, and a Republican Congress for even longer. Democrats have an edge because during this administration, the Republicans have ruined our economy and started a war while neglecting education and health care.

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