Marketplace battle heads for residents’ mailboxes



The signs are up. The billboards are up. The battle is heating up.
This week San Luis Obispo residents will receive sample ballots for the April 26 special election on the controversial Marketplace development.

Voting yes on Measures A, B, and C will mean that developers can construct a 650,000-square-foot shopping center on the Dalidio Ranch along Highway 101 near Madonna Road. A yes vote will also guarantee that the city will reimburse — using sales taxes from the project — the developers for building a freeway overpass.Anti-A, B, and C advocates argue that if the Marketplace project is built, it will drag business away from downtown and thereby destroy one of the city’s best features. One anti- group, called the Citizens for Planning Responsibly, has even filled a lawsuit challenging the city’s approval of an environmental report.To contact proponents of the Marketplace, call 544-8810. The No on A, B, and C group can be reached at 543-7561.


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