Mike Mosier - Owner of Old Vienna Restaurant in Shell Beach


NEW TIMES: What’s your favorite way to say cheers during Oktoberfest?

MOSIER: Just a traditional German “Prost!” with a nice Stein full of Spaten.

NEW TIMES: What do you feel Oktoberfest brings to your family and your business?

MOSIER: For my family, Oktoberfest brings a good opportunity to remember our heritage from the old country and celebrate something German in America. For our business, this is our busiest time because we get visitors from all around—the volume of customers squashes the holidays by a long shot.

NEW TIMES: How is Oktoberfest different at Old Vienna than at other places on the Central Coast?

MOSIER: We’re unique in that no one else does it up in the traditional style. We use the family style seating, have a band playing drinking songs with people dancing arm in arm, and we serve very traditional dishes and offer imported Oktoberfest beers as well, some of which can only be gotten here.

NEW TIMES: Where does Oktoberfest rank in terms of your favorite holidays?

MOSIER: Well everyone loves Oktoberfest because that’s when we make the most money, but in terms of holidays to spend with the family I’d say it takes third behind Christmas and Thanksgiving.

NEW TIMES: What would you say is your favorite part of Oktoberfest?

MOSIER: If I could pick one part to be my favorite, I’d have to go with the environment it creates. It’s really great to get everyone together and do the whole thing all at once.

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