Murder suspect interviewed by media, later arrested



Atascadero police made an arrest following the discovery of a body later determined to be the victim of a shooting.

On May 24, officers arrested Mark Alan Andrews, 49, in connection with the shooting death of Colleen Barga-Milbury, 52, a single mother who lived across the street from Andrews.

According to Atascadero Police Sgt. Gregg Meyer, Andrews remains in custody at the San Luis Obispo County Jail, without bail. Meyer said the investigation into the details and motive behind the shooting is ongoing.

In an eerie twist, local TV news station KCOY interviewed Andrews the day after Barga-Milbury’s death, before he was made a prime suspect and arrested. He was sitting outside his home at the time, observing the police investigation.

In the interview, Andrews said he “heard nothing” and that only an “animalistic” person would be capable of the murder.

“She was friendly, courteous, outgoing, active,” Andrews said of Barga-Milbury.

The victim was found dead on Wednesday, May 22, in her Tranquilla Avenue home, where she lived with her 15-year-old son. Meyer said Andrews lived with his elderly mother at the intersection of Tranquilla and Rosita avenues.

“His driveway looks right down on [Barga-Milbury’s] house,” Meyer said.

Atascadero police also said they seized a variety of weapons—including handguns, rifles, and grenades—from Andrews’ residence while serving a search warrant. Meyer reported that a member of Andrews’ family was a gunsmith, but that Andrews also possessed firearms.

According to Meyer, no evidence yet gathered indicates Barga-Milbury had any conflict with Andrews before the alleged attack.

“Based on our investigation of this shooting, we believe that there is no longer a threat to Atascadero residents,” Meyer said.

As of press time, no date had been set for Andrews’ arraignment.

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