Questions for...Phil Lang, owner of Bon Temps Creole Cafe


NEW TIMES After missing Fat Tuesday last year because of the fire, will this year’s Mardi Gras be a little extra special?

LANG Oh yeah. I would like to think it’s always special, but this year we have a higher sense of acknowledging Mardi Gras because of the fire last year.


NEW TIMES How will you guys celebrate?

LANG We’re having a special five-course dinner between 6:30 and 9:30 and Valerie Johnson and her Voodoo Doodads are playing…Really it’s about making interesting food and having a good time on that very last day of Mardi Gras before everybody has to revert back to normal life on Wednesday. We like to take advantage of that.


NEW TIMES In your opinion, is Mardi Gras even celebrated in SLO anymore?

LANG Well, hard to say because we do the 12-night party thing here. But yeah, I think it’s just gone underground. And it’s lurking, waiting to erupt.


NEW TIMES How many fire extinguishers do you keep in the restaurant now?

LANG [chuckles] The fire department did have a few new demands…


NEW TIMES Why are you guys so awesome?

LANG Man, I don’t know. It’s the food. We hit a niche here, bringing southern cuisine to SLO. Once people try it they realize why New Orleans is such a special place. And we try to keep the place cool and not sell out.


NEW TIMES If I flash you, will you give me beads?

LANG Well, we’ve got plenty of beads…

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